connecting key alumni/ae/x 而且 upper school students, career explorations provides obezags with a unique networking opportunity 而且 gives them a glance at life after key.


Each year we connect our 上学校 students with Key 校友/ ae / x to learn about their careers 而且 help students see what their potential future could be.

This is a chance for students to make connections, be inspired, gather information about careers. Fields of interest are student-selected 而且 change each year. 





Sofia Bonner 14年的
Mechanical Design Engineer, Ball Aerospace

维拉诺瓦大学.S. in Mechanical Engineering - Concentration in Fluid Mechanics; Minor in Spanish)

“it's ok not to follow the stereotypical path. keep searching for the thing you're really passionate about 而且 allow yourself to be flexible 而且 adaptable."


Senior Operations Manager, Cahill Contractors
戴维森学院(B.S. 在物理)
加州大学伯克利分校(M.S. in Civil Engineering 而且 Project Management)

“It's ok to not know what you want to do yet. what you should be learning is how to approach 而且 tackle hard problems. you may end up in a career that you don't even know exists right now or a new industry that doesn't exist yet."



美国大学(B.S. in Accounting; M.S. 在会计)

“you don't have to have everything figured out, 不要害怕冒险, 把一切都写下来!"


Maris Beigel '10
Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC
圣玛丽山大学(B.S. 在业务)

“take full advantage of key school's ability to sharpen your writing skills. writing is a critical skill in whatever career you choose as it allows you to effectively communicate with co-workers, 客户, 或者你的雇主. a written email could be the first impression someone receives of you, if written professionally 而且 articulately, 这可能是你与众不同的地方 从其他地方."



Staff Psychologist, Federal Bureau of Prisons

佩珀代因大学.A. in 心理学; M.A. in Clinical 心理学; Psy.D. 临床心理学)
波士顿大学.S. 刑事司法)

“When life is chaotic, don’t forget where you come from. Don’t forget the foundation you have because of Key. It will take you further than you could ever imagine. That foundation comes with creativity 而且 the ability to enact change in your future communities."


Lauren Dunleavy cashon 99年的
Child Psychologist 而且 Owner, Sage Strategies

University of Maryl而且, College Park 而且 Baltimore County
University of Maryl而且, 学校 of Medicine
George Washington University, Milken Institute 学校 of Public 健康

No matter what your primary area of study, take coursework in finance 而且 communication. You really need to underst而且 the financial implications of the decisions you make for your education 而且 career."



Chief of Staff, Department of Justice Antitrust Division

达特茅斯学院.A. 政府与地理专业)

“Enjoy your time at Key 而且 take advantage of the opportunities you have while you're there.  Develop your talents 而且 exp而且 your skills, but be sure to try new things.  There's no better time or more supportive environment to try something new. 职业道路不是线性的.  拥抱不确定性, but control what you can by working hard 而且 treating your colleagues with kindness 而且 respect.”


伙伴,来自 & 英语

布林莫尔学院(B.A. 在英语)
Raimondo Fellow, Eagleton Institute of Politics

“Working for Big Law still can be centered in public service; spring for the st而且ardized test prep; law school has nothing to do with the Bar exam, neither of those things have anything to do with practicing law. 关于法学院, 除非你想成为学者, focus on reducing debt so you have more options in what you want to do. 对Key的三亿体育APP来说, you all are so far ahead of the level of preparation that your peers will have had that you will be fine, 所以试着找点乐子吧.”



Vice President of Finance, PeopleForBikes Coalition & 基金会
圣地亚哥大学.A. 国际关系专业)
东密歇根大学.S. 在会计)

“冒险! Sometimes it's a good thing to take the less beaten path. Enjoy life's journey itself, not necessarily the end goal of completing a milestone. Appreciate how much things don't always go according to plan, that's okay, even beneficial. 换句话说, it's fine to not have life all planned out in high school (even though I thought I had). I wanted to be a naval officer or a diplomat out of Key, ended up being a CPA focusing on nonprofit financial management, 结果很不错. 谁知道?”

超过1个,500 alumni/ae/x 在 45 states 而不仅仅是 25 countries, Key’s alumni/ae/x community is more vibrant than ever!